A World Standard of Science-Based IVF & Fertility in Dublin, Limerick and Drogheda. 

For over two decades, Beacon CARE Fertility and our CARE partners have been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge IVF & Fertility Treatment to our patients.

Our Medical Director Dr Ahmed Omar notes: “IVF & Fertility treatment has advanced significantly over the years. We are proud that our Scientists have pioneered many of these discoveries and advancements”.

With over 25 years of experience and 60,000 CARE babies born, we are passionate about making your dreams of family real.

With our Fertility Clinics now in Dublin, Limerick and Drogheda, access to our World-Leading Fertility Treatments is more convenient than ever.

Adds Dr Omar, “Our motivation from Day 1 was to deliver the latest international techniques, science and expertise to fertility patients in Ireland, without the need to travel abroad”.

Since we began, we have led the way in offering the very latest international techniques and technology in all aspects of fertility. Our range of services includeIVF, IUI, embryo genetic screening (PGT-A) autoimmune therapies, egg and sperm freezing (vitrification) fertility assessments, egg donation, sperm donation, recurrent miscarriage and testing for inherited genetic disease (PGT-M).

We offer technology and techniques that are not available at any other clinic, to maximise the success we achieve for our patients.These include our embryo selection model (CAREmaps) and our CAREunity test, which helps to identify an inheritable cause of recurrent miscarriage.

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