Reproductive Immunology

One of the causes of miscarriage or unsuccessful IVF treatment relates to problems in the female immune system. These problems can compromise successful embryo implantation.

Research has indicated that during pregnancy, a unique type of immunity occurs that stops your body from rejecting an embryo and helps the growth and development of the foetus. If this special immunity fails, successful implantation may not happen and your body could reject the embryo. If implantation starts, the risk of miscarriage may increase.

We can give you special tests which can identify if you are at risk of immune problems. These tests measure Natural Killer Cell activity. Natural Killer cells are part of a normal immune system and help to fight off infection but research suggests that sometimes these cells can attack the early embryo or foetus leading to implantation failure or miscarriage.

Our team have been carrying out and analysing these tests for many years and we are very experienced in determining the treatment you will need to help stimulate the proper immune response and ensure that you have a better chance of a successful pregnancy.


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