IUI (Artificial Insemination)

IUI is a relatively straightforward fertility treatment that involves directly inserting concentrated, specially washed sperm into a woman’s uterus at the most fertile point in her cycle to increase the number of sperm that are able to reach and fertilise the egg.

How is IUI performed?

The sperm is first concentrated in a centrifuge, and the remainder of the semen is discarded. The drop of fluid containing the concentrated, washed motile sperm is then loaded into a catheter which is passed through the cervix and millions of motile sperm are released into the uterus. The IUI procedure is short and involves minimal discomfort.


Benefits of IUI

  • IUI is a good option for single women and same sex couples who don’t have fertility issues but who need donor sperm
  • IUI is the most affordable form of assisted reproduction treatment
  • There is no egg collection involved in IUI, meaning that there is no invasive procedure and sedation is not required
IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)