Egg Donation

IVF with Egg Donation helps those who struggle to conceive using their own eggs to have a baby.

What Sets Our Egg Donation Program Apart?

  • Exceptional Pregnancy Success Rates
  • Eggs are sourced from UK donors via Care Fertility’s Central Egg Bank in the United Kingdom,
  • All treatment can be done at our Dublin Clinic. No need to travel to the UK
  • We achieve more than 2 Embryos per cycle on average
  • We guarantee 2 Blastocyst Embryos*
  • We apply CAREmaps to your embryos. CAREmaps is our unique embryo selection model, exclusive to CARE)
  • The process typically only takes 8-12 weeks from when you match with your donor to creating your embryos. There is currently no waiting list

*Should only 1 Blastocyst Embryo be produced, a credit of €1000 applies. Should no Blastocyst Embryos be produced, the second set of eggs will be provided at no charge. If a third set of eggs is provided but no Blastocyst Embryo is produced, we will refund 50%. For more information, see our IVF Costs Page.

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Let’s talk together

When you are making the decision about whether to have treatment using donor eggs, you will want the best information and options offered to you together, with dedicated and supportive care.

CARE Fertility has one of the world’s most experienced donation teams. We’ll provide you with all the information and support you will need at every stage of your IVF journey.

Do you need egg donation?

The decision to use donor eggs often comes after a fertility journey which includes unsuccessful IVF treatment, so you need a clinic which understands your needs and can offer you a supportive and caring approach to your treatment.  You may need egg donation if:

  • You have gone through the menopause prematurely
  • You have experienced recurrent implantation failure
  • There may a history of genetic disease in your family
  • You have had chemotherapy
Do you need egg donation?

Using Donor Eggs From The UK

You can have your treatment using donor eggs sourced exclusively from our CARE Central Egg Bank in the UK. Once you have decided you would like to proceed, the process typically takes between 8-12 weeks from your consultation to the creation of your embryos.

How are donors and recipients matched?

Egg donors must be fit, healthy and aged 35 or under. Donors undergo a rigorous health screening process. All of our donors are encouraged to complete a personal ‘pen portrait’ describing themselves and this is offered to you at the time of matching.

Patients have complete control over how they match with their Egg Donor. You can make your selection from numerous options via the patient portal. Our dedicated Egg Donation team are also on hand to guide you along the way.


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Using Donor Eggs From A Known Donor

If you have a sister, cousin or friend who is fit and healthy, then they can become your egg donor. They just need to pass a medical assessment and be prepared to take fertility drugs to help them produce eggs. They will also need to have a minor surgical procedure to collect their eggs.

Next Steps

We understand that every patient is unique, and your individual situation will be discussed in detail with your Consultant before embarking on your Egg Donation path.

We have a dedicated Egg Donation Team to support you at every step. Contact us today to start your journey.

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Highlights of our World-Leading Egg Donation Program explained by Laboratory Manager, Sharon Corcoran and Nurse Jayne from our dedicated Egg Donation Team.

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