CARE Fertility Firsts

Members of the CARE team have been involved in the following unique list of national and international firsts, demonstrating the team’s commitment to driving forward the quality and success of fertility treatments.

1978 World’s first IVF baby

1981 First male factor patients treated

1982 Britain’s first IVF twins

1982 World’s first baby delivered after intrauterine sperm/egg transfer

1984 Britain’s first IVF triplets

1984 World’s first baby from blastocyst transfer

CARE Fertility firsts

1987 World’s first babies, twins, born after frozen embryo donated eggs

1988 World’s first baby born after home monitoring of fertility treatment

1989 Britain’s first babies, twins, born after host surrogacy

1990 World’s first baby born after micro-injection

1992 Britain’s first SUZI treatment baby

1992 Britain’s first “sugar drop” frozen embryo baby

1994 World’s first CISS baby

1994 Britain’s first triplets born after host surrogacy

1996 World’s first testicular spermatid baby

CARE Fertility firsts

1996 Britain’s first pregnancy using maternal host grandmother

1997 World’s first pre-cancer treatment recovery of testicular material from pre-pubescent boy

1999 World’s first IVF baby for cystic fibrosis patient

1999 World’s first baby for man using Multiple Ejaculate Resuspension Centrifugation

2001 UK’s first licence awarded for PGD and HLA tissue typing

2002 Embryo chromosome (aneuploidy) screening licence awarded

2004 First NHS-funded treatment for PGD and HLA tissue typing

2007 Europe’s first baby born following embryo screening using Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (CGH)

2008 Array CGH, World’s first pregnancy

World’s first Array CGH pregnancy

2009 Birth of Worlds First baby following array CGH screening

2010 UK’s first baby born through PGD for HLA tissue matching

2010 Blastocyst Chromosome Screening – UKs first baby born

2010 World first screening for the AnnexinV M2 haplotype mutation for miscarriage in IVF (C4M2)

2010 First multi-factorial genetic chromosome tissue typing and translocation analysis of embryos in an IVF cycle

2011 First UK pregnancy following use of CAREmaps

2011 World first births following C4M2 screening during IVF

First child born using CAREmaps technology

2015 The first book published on time lapse embryology

2016 World first publications on C4M2 screening during IVF