Tips To Navigate The Two Week Wait 

The two-week wait (TWW) can be an extremely anxious time for women and couples trying to conceive.

For those unfamiliar with the term, it describes the time between ovulation and your expected period. 

For those undergoing IVF treatment, the TWW can have additional stress attached to it.

Please know that you’ve already shown incredible strength and resilience by embarking on this path. 

As you navigate this process, remember that every journey is unique. Be kind to yourself, stay hopeful, and focus on the present moment.

We have compiled a few tips that you may find helpful and are sending you strength and hope during this waiting period.

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1. Embrace Self Care

During the two-week wait, prioritise self-care. Pamper yourself with activities that bring joy and relaxation.

Whether it’s reading a favorite book or taking a leisurely walk, find moments of peace to help alleviate your stress. Consider alternative relaxation treatments such as reflexology or acupuncture with a recognised fertility practitioner. 

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2. Lean On Your Support System

Reach out to your support network, such as friends and family. Share your feelings and let them be there for you.

Sometimes, talking about your emotions can provide a sense of relief, and having loved ones by your side can make the journey more bearable.

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3. Stay Positive But Allow Yourself To Feel

Maintain a positive mindset, but acknowledge that it’s okay to feel a range of emotions. It’s normal to experience moments of hope, doubt, excitement, and fear.

Embrace the complexity of your emotions, and remember that each feeling is a valid part of your unique journey.

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4. Distract Yourself

Engage in activities that captivate your attention. Whether it’s binge-watching a favorite TV series, indulging in a hobby, or having brunch with a friend, distractions can help pass the time and keep your mind occupied.

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5. Connect With Others Going Through Same Journey

Consider joining support groups where you can connect with women who are also in the two-week wait.

Sharing experiences and offering mutual support can create a sense of community and understanding.

NISIG (National Fertility Support and Information Group) is an Irish Charity Organisation that provides help and support for individuals and couples on their fertility journey. They frequently have a Live Chat support service on Mondays and Thursdays between 7-9:30pm. Beacon CARE Fertility are proud to be one of their main sponsors. 

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We Are Rooting For You

We are sending you all the positive energy in the world and we are rooting for you! Good luck!

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