Recurrent Implantation Failure / Miscarriage

Sometimes even after several cycles of treatment, you may not have been successful, or have suffered early pregnancy loss and are wondering what to do next.

At Beacon CARE Fertility there are a number of options that we can look at with you to try and improve your chances of success and work out why you are still not successful.

Why has treatment not been successful?

There are several reasons why treatment may not have worked. For some the issue may be with the embryo quality or genetic make up, there may be issues with the sperm that are not identified by a simple semen analysis or there may be maternal medical issues which need further investigation.

Can you find out why treatment hasn’t worked?

There are a number of further investigations we can arrange for you to have carried out to look at what the cause may be. These may involve further blood tests for you, a more detailed analysis of the sperm to look for DNA damage, a 3D scan or camera examination (hysteroscopy) of the womb, or additional screening of the embryos with PGS (preimplantation genetic screening).

If you find a reason why, what happens next?

You consultant will discuss the various options with you.

If we think the problem may lie with the embryos then there are several things we can do. We may recommend genetic screening, use of embryogen a special culture medium to grow the embryos or using our CAREMAPS® system.

If there is DNA damage with the sperm then we may recommend antioxidants or different treatment options.

If the blood tests indicate a problem with either of you then there may be additional medication added into the treatment cycle.

If the scan or camera examination reveal a problem with the womb then some further surgery may be required.