Embryo Selection AI

We have developed an embryo selection model,

CAREmaps at BeaconCARE Fertility

which is the most advanced in the world

Caremaps-AI® is a whole embryo selection system designed to maximise the chances of success in IVF.

Selecting the most viable embryo for transfer is one of the most important elements in IVF treatment.

Caremaps-AI®, our time-lapse imaging technology powered by artificial intelligence,  helps us to identify the embryo with the most potential for a successful outcome.

An female embryologist touches an embryoscope screen
Embryologist looking at a screen with images of several embryos

Award Winning Technology.

Caremaps-AI® was developed by our Scientists using data from over half a BILLION timelapse embryo images, collated from our own Care Fertility Laboratories.

We then trained a machine learning model to assess them accurately and automatically.

Caremaps-AI® utilises a unique algorithm and scoring system that helps us to select the best embryo for transfer.

Caremaps-AI® received the prestigious “Best Healthcare Tech of the Year “ accolade from the National Technology Awards 2023.

CAREmaps at BeaconCARE Fertility

What Are The Benefits Of The Caremaps-AI® System?

close up of a white female hand holding a tiny baby's hand against a white sheet.

1. Higher birth rates than standard methods.

Caremaps-AI® gives better embryo selection. Caremaps-AI® ranks embryos to show which has the best chance of resulting in a baby.

2. More detailed Information than standard methods of incubation.

Cell division timings and patterns of embryo development are recorded using time lapse images. These indicate embryo quality and potential, and we can discuss this with you.

3. Uninterrupted culture; embryos develop without disturbance for assessment.

Caremaps-AI® is non-invasive allowing embryologists to view detailed photographs and movies of developing embryos without removing them from the incubator.


4. Video download of your transferred embryo(s)

We have a program which allows us to send you a PIN code to log onto a portal and download your video.


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