Sperm Donor

Using donor sperm

There are a number of reasons why you might need donor sperm:

  • there are too few sperm
  • the sperm are not moving enough
  • the sperm are abnormal
  • there are no sperm at all
  • sometimes your sperm carries a risk of passing on genetic conditions
Using Donor Sperm through Beacon Care Fertility
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Single women and same sex couples also use donor sperm to help them have a child

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Choosing the best option
for you

You can choose from the following treatment options:

Using sperm from the European Sperm Bank

We have a partnership with the European Sperm Bank, an established sperm bank in Denmark, accredited to EU standards. This means that you have access to a wide choice of donor sperm to suit your needs. The sperm will be exported to Ireland for your treatment at Beacon CARE Fertility.

Known sperm donation

If you have a relative or friend who you wish to be your sperm donor then we can assist you in using the sperm from your chosen donor when you have treatment at one of our partner CARE Fertility UK clinics

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