Many fertility clinics are now offering time lapse technology in attempt to improve and stabilise conditions for developing embryos, and to provide additional information to help select the best embryo. But do all clinics approach this technology in the same way?

In many cases, and particularly in Ireland, this is time lapse incubation takes place within the EmbryoScope, or the larger version EmbryoScope Plus. These sophisticated incubators take photographs of the embryos, every 10 minutes, allowing the time that the embryo reaches every key stage of development to be assessed and therefore producing a time-line of embryo development.

However, there are many differences in the way that EmbryoScopes are used in IVF clinics, from simply an incubator, to a revolutionary way of assessing which embryo from a group is most likely to implant. If used correctly, this technology has the potential to improve pregnancy rates, by improved embryo selection.

At Beacon CARE Fertility, along with our UK sister clinics, we have celebrated thousands of births from our Embryoscopes and assessed over half a million embryos. This has put us in the unique position of being able to continuously compare the time-line of embryo development in embryos that have resulted in the birth of a baby, to those that have not. We have demonstrated that there are differences in the time-line of development of those embryos that are able to result in a birth, despite their appearance. We have developed unique embryo selection methods we call CAREmaps. No other IVF clinics in Ireland, and very few in the world, have managed to achieve this.

More about CAREmaps

With this detailed time lapse and birth information, we have created CAREmaps, a unique algorithm, based on the ideal times that an embryo should reach certain key stages of development. CAREmaps, all of your embryos will be compared to this time-line and this information will be used to select the embryos for transfer that have the highest chance of becoming a baby.

Our CAREmaps have demonstrated higher success rates and we have published our findings.

If you would like more information on CAREmaps or treatments at Beacon CARE Fertility, please come and talk to us.