Embryo Freezing For The Future

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Want A Family With Your Partner? Not Ready Yet?

Preserve Your Fertility Together with Embryo Freezing

Our exciting Embryo Freezing For The Future (€4995) is an innovative fertility treatment option, tailored to heterosexual couples who are concerned about the effects of time on their fertility. With this advanced treatment, embryos (fertilised eggs) can be frozen and stored for future use.

This comprehensive package combines our world-leading expertise and science to provide your best chance of success in the future.

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Why Freeze Embryos To Preserve Fertility?

Freezing embryos now to transfer when you are ready can provide peace of mind about fertility decline over time. Age plays an important role in egg quality, and this declines more rapidly once a woman approaches her mid to late 30’s.

The good news is that a woman can successfully carry a child well into her 40s, once the embryo’s quality is satisfactory.

On the male side, sperm quality starts to decline in the 40’s.

Benefits of Embryo Freezing For Fertility Preservation

  • Wide Age Range Suitability (Women): Embryo Freezing can be a viable option for women across a wide age group. By contrast, Egg Freezing has a recommended cutoff age of 36.
  • Survival Rate Success: More than 95% of frozen embryos typically survive the thawing process. At our Clinic, the figure is over 98%!
  • Pregnancy Success Rates: The pregnancy success rates for frozen embryo transfers are comparable to fresh embryo transfers.
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  • Fertilisation Outcome: When you freeze embryos, you know upfront how many eggs are successfully fertilised and therefore how many embryos can be stored for future use. This information can help empower your family planning decisions.
  • Preserve Current Egg Quality: Embryo freezing helps preserve the eggs’ current quality. As with natural pregnancy, the lower the maternal age of the woman when the embryo (fertilised egg) is created, the higher the chance of a successful pregnancy.
  • Preserve Sperm Quality (Male): While the age of a male plays a less significant role compared to the woman, sperm quality starts to decline around the 40’s which can affect pregnancy rates.
  • Medical Conditions: Embryo-Freezing can be a good option for people with existing medical conditions that can affect future fertility (for example, endometriosis).
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Embryo Freezing vs Egg Freezing

While Embryo-Freezing and Egg-Freezing can both be excellent methods to preserve your fertility, they each have their differences.  As a result, one option may be more appropriate than the other, depending on your personal situation.

Age Range Suitability: Egg-Freezing is typically not recommended for women over 36. By contrast, Embryo-Freezing does not have this restriction and is suitable for a wide range of ages. This is an important difference between the two methods.

Success Rates for Thawing: The embryo freeze/thaw survival rate is slightly higher with embryos compared to eggs.  Embryos contain more cells and have a stronger and more robust structure than eggs.

However, technological advancements have closed the gap with this in recent years. For example, Beacon CARE Fertility are one of the few Clinics in Ireland to use the newest and most advanced method for Egg-Freezing (Open System Method).

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Fertilisation (Embryo Freezing): With Embryo-Freezing, the eggs are fertilised shortly after the Egg Retrieval procedure, and the embryos grow and develop over several days. At this point, embryos deemed to be usable for a future transfer will be frozen. The advantage here is that you will know exactly how many embryos you can potentially use in the future to grow your family.

Fertilisation (Eggs Freezing): With Egg-Freezing, the eggs are not fertilised before freezing and no sperm is required. This can make it a good option for single women, or women who have not yet selected a partner for the future.

The disadvantage is that you won’t know in advance how many embryos the eggs can produce.

However, at Beacon CARE Fertility, we are the only Clinic in Ireland to have Egg Freezing AI. The AI Technology can provide a report predicting the likelihood of how many blastocyst embryos and live births your eggs may produce in the future, (although the results are not guaranteed).

Genetic Testing: Embryos can be genetically tested for chromosomal abnormalities prior to being frozen (additional costs apply for this). This process can help identify the embryos without chromosomal irregularities and therefore with the greatest chance of producing a healthy baby. This is especially important for women over 35. By contrast, Genetic Testing of Eggs is currently not possible.


What Sets Us Apart

  • CARE Fertility has pioneered ground-breaking, science-based fertility treatment for almost two decades.
  • Members of our team have been involved in some of the most historic fertility firsts. Read more about these HERE.
  • Our Clinic is world-renowned for our exceptional Success Rates, expertise and innovation.
  • Our embryo freeze/thaw survival rate is over 98%
  • Our Embryo Biopsy Success Rate is an outstanding *98.7%, placing us in the top-tier of Clinics worldwide. (*Source: Cooper Genomics).


Peace of mind for your future family planning

Our exciting Embryo Freezing For The Future Package is an innovative fertility treatment option tailored to heterosexual couples who are concerned about the effects of time on their fertility and who would like to preserve their fertility together.

This comprehensive package offer combines our world-leading expertise and science to offer your best chance of success in the future.

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  • Personalised Protocol & Treatment Plan (Consultant-Led)
  • Prescription
  • Monitoring Scans and Bloods
  • Theatre (Egg Collection)
  • IV Sedation
  • Blastocyst and Freeze
  • Storage for one year

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