Eggs supply is limited. Peak fertility is in our early 20s when pregnancy rates are approximately 25% each month. For women in their 30s, pregnancy declines to 15 percent each month, and by the time we are entering our 40s, pregnancy rates are on average 5% per month. 

The pressure to beat the biological clock is felt by almost everyone. Many women have stated that after egg freezing, just knowing they are there lifts a large weight off their shoulders. One of the most common feelings we hear from our women is that it has provided them with the freedom to date without the pressure of the biological clock.

Egg freezing allows you to have it all. With egg freezing, women can choose to pursue career and relationship goals and once comfortable, come back to motherhood. The process can allow you to find a secure relationship, focus on your professional goals, and ultimately take control of your life by giving you a choice to get pregnant when the time is right, for you.

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