The A.I. technology helps to predict the probability of having a child or children in the future with your frozen eggs.

We are proud to announce the arrival of Artificial Intelligence to our popular Egg Freezing Program (Open System).

The non-invasive, image analysis tool uses A.I. to assess and predict the quality of your eggs and their likelihood of achieving a live birth (and other milestones) in the future. 

Beacon CARE Fertility is the first and only Clinic clinic in Ireland to offer the new A.I. Technology.

With the A.I. technology (powered by Violet ™), the patient receives a personalised report of the eggs they freeze, including images of their eggs and their predicted chances of achieving a blastocyst (high quality) embryo and live birth in the future. 

“The A.I. tool allows our Embryologists to give more personalised feedback to our patients regarding the quality of their eggs and their probability of producing a child or children in the future”, notes Dr Ahmed Omar, Medical Director for Beacon CARE Fertility

 “The A.I. can help assist our patients with their family planning decisions and whether one Egg Freezing Cycle is enough to fulfil their needs”.


The A.I. is based on thousands of egg images and is able to detect signals and patterns within the egg that the human eye can’t see.

In studies, the A.I. tool was able to outperform senior embryologists by more than 20% at predicting whether an egg was of high enough quality to reach a blastocyst stage.“Egg Freezing is becoming more and more mainstream”,  continues Dr Omar.

“Over the past few years, we have seen a steady increase in the demand for the service. We were flooded with enquiries following Jennifer Aniston’s recent advice to women to freeze their eggs. We are thrilled to introduce this A.I. technology to further assist women in preserving their fertility for the future”.


Jennifer Aniston