Tests & Treatments

As part of the world renowned CARE Fertility group, we have access to all the latest cutting edge treatments and techniques, and we benefit from the on-going research carried out by CARE Fertility into new developments in fertility treatments.

We know that you are unique and what truly sets us apart is the way we completely focus on you as an individual. That’s why, if you come to Beacon CARE Fertility, you will have a personalised treatment plan which is designed to give you your very best chance of having a baby

It’s important to know exactly what is causing your fertility issue to ensure that we give you the best treatment to help you have a baby.

This includes all the usual range of fertility tests plus more indepth options such as Endometrial Receptivity Array, C4M2 and immune testing.

Tests and treatments at Beacon CARE Fertility
Everyone’s needs are different. You may be just about to start your first treatment cycle or you may already have started on your IVF journey and had treatment which ended unsuccessfully. This could indicate that you will need more cutting edge options including recurrent implantation failure tests together with the associated treatments such as Pre-implantation Genetic Screening. We offer all the cutting edge options designed to give the highest potential for success.