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Undertaking any form of Fertility treatment can be a daunting process with many people reporting that they feel alone. Here are some resources that you may find useful.


I Would Like To Attend A Fertility Counsellor. Do You Have Any Contact Information?

Our external Fertility Counsellors are available to patients who feel they would like to access support counseling before, during or after treatment.

Contact Details are below and payment is made directly to the Counsellor on the day of your appointment:

Margaret Dunne:



Tel: 087-938-6166

Ann Bracken:


Tel: 085-741-4866

Any Other Support Resources You Would Recommend?

National Infertility Support & Information Group (NISIG) – An Irish organisation that provides help and support to couples and individuals on their fertility journey.

If you have a question that is not covered in our FAQs please feel free to contact the nursing team at or 01-293-2955

If you have an urgent query out of office hours, please call our emergency line at 087-293-3714.