Preparing for Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions


What Tests Are Needed Before I Can Start Treatment?

You will need to have the following tests before commencing treatment:

a). A Rubella Test

b) A Chlamydia Screen
This is tested via a urine sample or vaginal swab and should be completed within the last 2 years.

c). Smear Test
A copy of an up-to-date smear test is required. This can be a letter from Cervical Check or a letter from your GP

d). A recent Thyroid test (performed within 6 months).

e). HIV, Hepatitis B & C.-
While most patients will need to have these viral screens, we recommend holding off until advised to do so by the nurses as there is an expiry date on these tests and they must be carried out with Biomnis or Medlab.



I Don’t Have All Of These Tests. What Can I Do?

Don’t worry, your GP can carry these out for you, or you can schedule these to be done at Beacon CARE Fertility (with the exception of the smear test).

While we don’t perform smear tests, you can register with the cervical screening programme here:

My Consultant Advised Me To Take A Test Not On The List Above. What Do I Do?

If your consultant has advised you to have further tests, talk to the nurses who will be happy to arrange these for you.

If you have been advised to have a semen analysis or sperm DNA fragmentation test, the Reception team will be happy to book these in for you.

Should I Register With The Drugs Payment Scheme?

As the majority of medications prescribed for fertility treatments are covered by the drug payment scheme, we advise our patients to apply for the Drugs Payment Scheme Card. More information is available here:

I’ve Completed All The Tests and Want To Commence Treatment. What Is Next?

Once you have decided to go ahead with treatment we will send you a treatment pack.

Your treatment pack will include:

-Your treatment plan or protocol as prescribed by your consultant

-Your prescriptions

-Your patient information

-Your consents

-Your invoice

Once you receive this treatment pack you should contact the nurses to discuss consent signing and getting booked in for the treatment cycle.

What About Diet and Lifestyle And The Impact On Treatment?

We often get asked about diet and lifestyle and the impact this can have on treatment.  It is important to have a healthy balanced diet and some regular gentle exercise will also benefit you.

A more comprehensive Diet and Lifestyle FAQ will be posted soon, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, please feel free to ask your nurse or doctor about any question you may have.

What About Alcohol and Caffeine?

We suggest that you should avoid alcohol completely during treatment. Although a lot of women choose to stop caffeine, it isn’t a requirement and you can still have your morning tea or coffee!

Should I Take Supplements? Are There Any I Should Avoid?

At minimum we advise that you take a folic acid supplement. A pre-natal vitamin support is also beneficial to take.  We do NOT advise taking Chinese Herbs.

What About Male Fertility Supplements?

There are some very good male fertility supplements available from health food stores or pharmacies. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your nurse or doctor

What About Acupuncture? Do You Recommend It?

Many patients like to attend an acupuncturist and this is safe to do.

We do ask that if you are advised by your acupuncturist to take any additional supplements or medications that you would ask your doctor first before taking them.

Any Advice About Support Resources?

Finally, we would recommend that you consider speaking to your support network when proceeding with treatment.

Anyone who has gone through treatment will vouch that this can be an emotionally challenging journey.

Support can come in many different forms: friends, family, work colleagues etc…. or it may be an online support group or professional counsellor. Here is some info that you may find helpful:

  1. NISIG- National Fertility Support and Information Group. An Irish organisation that provides help and support for individuals and couples on their fertility journey.
  2. Counsellors: Our external Fertility Counsellors are available to patients who feel they would like to access support counseling before, during or after treatment. Contact Details are below and payment is made directly to the Counsellor on the day of your appointment:

Margaret Dunne:



Tel: 087-938-6166

Ann Bracken:



Tel: 085-741-4866


The COVID 19 Vaccine. Do You Have Any Guidelines?

Yes we do. Please read our BLOG POST HERE. 

If you have a question that is not covered in our FAQs please feel free to contact the nursing team at or 01-293-2955.

If you have an urgent or time-sensitive query outside of office hours, please call our Out-Of-Hours Line at 087-293-3714 (Hours: Monday-Friday, 5pm-9pm, Saturday & Sunday, 9am-9pm). In the case of an emergency, please call 999 or contact your nearest A&E.