Fertility Medication

Frequently Asked Questions


I Hate Needles And I’m Nervous About The Injections. Any Advice?

We totally understand, but don’t worry!

We have seen even the most needle phobic patients manage to overcome their fear and do brilliantly.

Check out our TEACH Videos for step by step instructions and feel free to reach out to our nursing team for any other questions you may have.

Where Should I Get My Fertility Medication?

The nurses can recommend pharmacies who are used to dispensing fertility medications. These pharmacies often keep a stock of medications and are used to dispensing these items.

If you would like a pharmacy close to the clinic, the 2 pharmacies below are often used and recommended by our patients:

Beacon Pharmacy Beacon Court
Unit 34 The Mall,
Beacon Court,
Dublin 18
Tel: (01) 2930155 Fax: (01) 2930156
E-mail: beaconcourt@farmerspharmacy.ie

Rockfield Pharmacy
Balally Luas Stop
Co. Dublin
Tel: 01 296 7340

Can I Use My Own Local Pharmacy To Collect My Fertility Medication?

Yes, if you would prefer to use your own local pharmacy that is absolutely fine – but do make sure to give them enough time to organise your prescription.

I’ve Picked Up My Medication and I’m A Bit Nervous, Any Advice?

We understand it can be overwhelming picking up a big bag of medications, but don’t be alarmed! Often times it’s just the packaging that is big and bulky

You will have a clear treatment plan to guide you when to take these medications.

We also have injection video teaches to demonstrate how to take these medications.

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with these injection teaches BEFORE the day you are due to take them.

This gives you enough time to contact the nursing team with any queries you may have.  

Do You Have Demonstration "Teach" Videos About Administering Medication?

Yes we do.

You can find them HERE.  


How Should I Store My Medication?

It is important that when you collect your medications that you sort out any fridge items and store these correctly.

Your pharmacy will have labelled the fridge items for you. 

Medication boxes are bulky, so you can remove the medication from the box to save space in your fridge. 

Please be mindful that medications stored at room temperature should not be exposed to temperatures above 25 degrees.

What Types of Medication Should I Expect To Be Prescribed?

There are different types of medications that you may be prescribed, including oral tablets, injections, vaginal medications and even topical creams or patches.                                                            

Your consultant will choose the medication based on several factors, such as your medical history, previous treatment and your ovarian reserve.

What Are The Typical Side Effects Of Medication?

Side effects are generally mild but the most common complaints are headaches and tiredness.

Abdominal discomfort and bloating are also very common as the ovaries become more stimulated.

We advise patients to take paracetamol for these symptoms if required – don’t worry, it is safe to take as long as you don’t have a paracetamol allergy.  We also advise increased fluid intake.

Cetrotide Side Effect: It is also very common for the injection Cetrotide to cause a local reaction at the injection site – this presents as a red swollen area which usually resolves within one to two hours.

Important: Please contact the nursing team about any concerns you have regarding your medications. If you feel unwell, please don’t assume that it is a normal side effect of medications. Please do get in touch with us.

Will The Medication Affect My Mood?

Some patients will feel their mood affected by these medications. It doesn’t affect everyone, and it’s usually no worse than what you may experience during a natural cycle. 

When Should I Take The Stimulation Injections? In What Time Frame?

When you are taking stimulation injections, we advise that you take these injections in the evenings – between 6pm and 10pm – whatever will suit you best – pick a time that you know will allow you the time to do the injections. 

Aim to to take the injections at the same time each evening but don’t panic if something happens that you need to alter this – an hour either side is fine! 

Is Morning Or Evening Better To Take My Injections?

We advise that you take your injections in the evening so that when you start attending for your scans and the doctor decides to amend anything you can implement those the same day. 

When Should I Take The TRIGGER Injection (for egg collection or IUI)

The trigger injection for an egg collection or IUI is very time specific and the nurses will give you a specific time to take this injection.

Subcutaneous Injections-Where Should These Be Given?

Subcutaneous injections can be given in the tummy or the top of the thigh – you should rotate the sites just to avoid them being sore.  Bruising is common – don’t worry – just avoid that site until it heals. 

If I Inject The Right Side Of My Tummy, Will My Left Ovary Still Benefit?

It doesn’t matter which side of your tummy you inject both ovaries will benefit so don’t worry about that! 

Where Should I Inject An Intramuscular Injection?

We advise intramuscular injections (for example, Progesterone 100mg) are given in the bottom – it is best if you have someone to administer it for you.

Where Should I Wear My Androderm Patch?

Androderm patches can be worn on the upper arm or on the thighs.  Ideally you should avoid showering once you have these on so bear that in mind when choosing your time to apply them. 

Can I Take My Supplements Whilst Taking Stimulation Medications

You should continue to take a folic acid supplement or a pre-natal vitamin support when taking stimulation medications.

I Take Thyroid Medication (Eltroxin). Should I Continue To Take It?

If you are prescribed Eltroxin by our doctors for thyroid issues do not discontinue this medication without discussing with us. We may only prescribe 30 days at a time, but we need you to continue to take this medication beyond the 30 days.

You should have your thyroid monitored every 4-6 weeks if taking Eltroxin.

Can I Have Sex Whilst Taking My Medications?

You shouldn’t have any unprotected intercourse whilst taking the medications we prescribe.  This includes if you have been advised to start medication on Day 21 of a cycle you should not have unprotected intercourse during that cycle.

Can I Drink Alcohol Whilst Taking My Medications?

We would always strongly advise against drinking alcohol for any fertility patient but this is more important whilst taking medications. 

I’m Flying During My Medication. Should I Pack My Medication In My Carry-On Luggage?

If you are flying during treatment we do advise you carry your medications on your carry-on luggage. We can provide documentation for airport security for this if required.

My Medication Says Not To Take If Pregnant. Is It OK To Take It?

Sometimes the medications we prescribe will warn patients not to take if pregnant, this is because sometimes the medications we prescribe were not designed for the way we use them. They are safe to take.

I’ve Been Prescribed An Antibiotic by my GP/Dentist. Can I Take It?

If you are prescribed an antibiotic by a GP or dentist – this will mostly be safe to take but we do ask that you let us know. 

Is Dental Work Safe Whilst Taking My Medications

Dental work with local sedation is safe during treatment. 

What Over The Counter Medication Is OK? What Should I Avoid?

Over the counter medications for cold/flu are generally safe. Avoid medications with ibuprofen or codeine in and always ask your pharmacist for advice.

If you have a question that is not covered in our FAQs please feel free to contact the nursing team at nurses@beaconcarefertility.ie or 01-293-2955.

If you have an urgent or time-sensitive query outside of office hours, please call our Out-Of-Hours Line at 087-293-3714 (Hours: Monday-Friday, 5pm-9pm, Saturday & Sunday, 9am-9pm). In the case of an emergency, please call 999 or contact your nearest A&E.