At Beacon CARE Fertility, we are honoured to be trusted with your precious frozen embryos.

There are many reasons why you may consider freezing embryos.

You may have some embryos left after transfer. 

Your clinical team may have advised a ‘freeze-all’ approach, or you may  wish to freeze your embryos to preserve your fertility. 

At Beacon CARE Fertility we have extensive experience in embryo freezing and genetic screening.

Last year alone, almost 1000 embryos were screened by our embryologists for pre-implantation genetic testing.

Our embryo freeze-thaw success rate is 97%.

We have secure storage dewars with 24h temperature sensor alarms, unique storage barcodes and regular, daily embryologist checks.

So you can rest assured knowing that our embryologists are looking after your precious embryos day and night.

For more information, contact our helpful team at (Dublin) 01-293-2955 or info @